Where do elephants die?

Groups of elephants have been found buried together both in Africa and Asia. The nearness of the animals to each other may be no more than a coincidence. The areas may be no more than sites, since elevated and dried, where elephants have been drowned in bogs or while crossing rivers. However, many people will argue that old elephants, when their end is near, resort to their legendary "graveyards". The discovery of the remains of a solitary elephant is rare. On the other hand a body in elephant country would usually soon disappear owing to activities of natural scavengers. Most experts will accept that there is much truth in the old saying "an elephant never forgets". It does have a retentive memory. Also, when an elephant is dying it is not uncommon for members of the herd to gather round and try to revive it. When all hope is lost they encircle their relation as if in mourning at a funeral.

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