When were breakfast cereals first used?

Breakfast cereals owe their origin to the vegetarians of the last century and health fanatics who believed they could save souls by preaching the virtues of a non-meat diet. Granula, which was the beginning of Grape-Nuts,was launched in 1863 by a man called James C. Jackson, of Danville, New York. Henry D. Perkey brought out Shredded Wheat in 1893 and Puffed wheat was developed by Alexander Anderson in 1902. The Seventh Day Adventists formed the Wetern Health Institute in 1866, later called the Battle Creek Sanatorium in 1876. John harvey Kellogg who was a doctor and a writer,took over control of the Sanatorium in 1876 his brother, W.K. Kellogg,started a cereal producing company in 1906.

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